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Melinda page nervously through a two tear old Newsweek, while waiting for the receptionist to call her name! She had just turned eighteen, and her mother had decided that it was about time she had her first “female doctor's visit”! “Good grief,” she thought to herself, “she was in great shape, why in the heck did she need to see a gynecologist anyway!?!” It sounded just like a gun shot when a nurse poked her head out of the door leading to the examination rooms and said, “Melinda, we're ready for you now!!!” On rubbery legs, she half stumbled through the door and followed the nurse down the hall to examination room three! “My name is Nurse Owens,” she said with a smile, “go in here and put on this gown, the doctor will be with you shortly!!!” Melinda took the pale blue paper hospital gown and went inside to change!!! Standing behind a small screen in the corner, she shucked her clothes and donned the flimsy covering and hopped up on the table to wait for Doctor Webster!!! She shivered a little, and wondered why doctor's offices always seemed so darn cold, you'd think with the prices they charged they cold spring for a little more heat!!! Out in the hall, Nurse Jeanne Owens collared the doctor and offered, “Room three is a new patient, and she's a knockout, eighteen and just perfect, do you want me to run the recorder!?!” He smiled broadly at his trusty nurse and replied smoothly, “But of course, it will be fun to watch her cum later on to night when were fucking, don't you think!?!” The door burst open and in strode a middle aged man of about fifty, who extended his hand and said with a smile, “I'm Doctor Webster, and you must be Melinda, I'm very happy to meet you!!!” Melinda returned a weak smile and while shaking the doctor's hand replied, “Thanks, it's nice to meet you, too!” “So,” he asked, “what do we have here,” as he looked at her chart that was lying on the desk attached to a clip board?!?” “I see that this is your first exam,” he said gently, “well don't worry, I'm sure everything will go just fine, so let's get started!!!” He put down the clip board and started checking the glands in her neck and working his way down, until Casually sliding the gown form her shoulders and using his stethoscope to check her lungs!!! It felt very odd to be sitting in front of a strange man with her breasts exposed, but he seemed not to even notice them, even though her nipples at shriveled up as the cool air caressed them!!! “Lungs sound free and clear,” he announced while entering his findings on her chart , “and your glands don't have any swelling, so that's good!!!” “Okay,” he went on, “now we'll check your breasts for lumps, do you do regular self exams!?!” “Uh, no,” she said as the red rose in her cheeks, “I-I've never done one!!!” “Well you should do it at least once a month,” he replied, “I'll have Nurse Owens show you exactly what to do after were all finished with your exam, now lie back down please!!!” Melinda closed her eyes tightly anticipating the worst, but as Dr , , ,

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